Digby Forever


Complete an excavation job that's full of adventure



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If you like skill-based games, then you’ll love Digby Forever. This is a super fun game that invites you to have hours of fun investigating a cave where you’ll find all kinds of challenges and surprises. Dig deep and get as far as you can alongside your little excavator.

The gameplay is really simple although you could start by watching a tutorial that’ll teach you the basics. Once you figure out how to move your character, you have to try to beat each record you set for yourself. To do so, dig as deep as you can so you establish the line you have to cross. Along your digging adventure, you’ll find all kinds of problems, from excavating enemies that you have to dodge, to exploding bombs and lava that’ll make it impossible to continue any further. Make sure you avoid running into any of those elements in order to safely descend and you don’t waste your lives crashing into them.

But that’s not all! Digby Forever doesn’t just challenge you to dig as far as you can; you also have to collect as many gemstones as you can by digging in the most dangerous places. And there’s the added difficulty that the roof of the mine progressively descends so you’ll have to go as fast as you can before it traps you inside. Also, try to dodge the laser rays to stay alive and add meters and meters to your personal record.
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